Erica & Philip
 January 2010

"1-2-3-4" by the Plain White T's

Unique Contemporary Love Song

(We had to Make the whole Thing Up)


"It was so great working with Brandis to choreograph our wedding song.  We chose her because she was so accomidating to us, our schedule, and using a song that was not a typical first dance ballad.  Other dance studios that we spoke to before deciding on Brandis really pushed a typical first ballad song.  The song we picked was very meaningful to us and Brandis went right into choreographing the song and teaching us the steps for our song.  In addition, she spent extra time putting in lots of personal touches that demonstrated our fun character.  So many of our friends and family members told us how much they enjoyed our dance.  Our dance was fun, cute, and completely unique."
                                                        - Erica and Phil

From Brandis...

This was a very different kind of song - one that is a little hard to define.  It had elements of a classic Folk Guitar Love Song mixed in with some modern but soft  Hip Hop Rhythms and a little quirky carnival music here and there.  If you are not familiar with this song, go on to you-tube and take a listen.  I believe it is One-of-a-Kind.
"1-2-3-4" is also an important song to Erica and Phil, and they were willing to work on it throughout the Holiday season, so we invented a dance style.  My Grandparents were vintage dancers, so we borrowed steps from their repertoire... we used a little Saunter - (although this was much more up-tempo), we mixed it with a  little 10-Step, a dash of Charleston and we also used a couple soft Hustle moves thrown in for good measure.  We even did a fun Pantomime for the final refrain - which was strongly focused by the lone lead singer.  Erica was willing to count on her fingers how much she loved him, and Phil was willing to propose again.  The dance was a loads of fun, and the perfect song for a fun couple who were willing to put in some cute accents that went perfectly with the music and lyrics.  I am also very pleased that Erica and Phil will be sending us some video, and very shortly we will be able to see what is so hard to describe.

Jorge and I wish the two of you a wonderful life together, and congratulations on your new little darling baby boy!
                                              - Brandis & Jorge