Holly & Kris
 March 2009

Rock Ballad -
"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

"Everyone was so shocked, we even got a standing ovation from all of our guests!"
                                                             -  Holly & Kris

From Brandis
Ah, my Aerosmith Couple...Even Metal Bands conjure up Romantic Ballads sometimes.  Kris plays in a metal band, and what a Wedding this was with all the Metal Band Members and Rockers in attendance.  For a couple who is used to the more wild side of music, I was really proud of them for working up a more formal dance for their Wedding.  Holly and Kris did a beautiful job, and all the Rockers were not only stunned, they also had tears in their eyes as they applauded.  Jorge and I wish you both the Best of Luck in your Life Together, leaving room for both Tradition and Innovation.
Brandis & Jorge