Clare & Martin
October 2008

"At Last" - Lou Rawles & Diane Reeves
Classic Romantic Ballad


"Both Clare and I really appreciated the relaxed style of instruction you provided. We were both very nervous at first but you put us at ease and we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. As our wedding day approached we had more confidence in our ability to actually dance and not just "spin around in a circle" on the dance floor. Thank you so much for your attention to our request. You are an excellent instructor!"

                           - Clare and Martin

From Brandis
It was very important for Clare and Martin to dance something simple, elegant, classic and in great taste.  They wanted their dance to be a true reflection of the two of them as a seasoned couple.  They were very happy to find all of this with the classic love ballad,
 "At Last" and they used a wonderful duet version featuring Lou Rawles and Dianne Reeves.  As they blended their families together that day, with Clare's three daughters and Marty's son in the Wedding Party, they danced elegantly and with disgnified confidence.  As their 2nd Anniversary approaches, we look forward to seeing them attend our general classes once again.
                                                     Brandis & Jorge
ps - We enjoy the same Anniversary date with Clare and Martin, and that date has been lucky for us!