Michelle & Karsten
October 2001

Classic Strauss Viennese Waltz
"Wiener Blut"  (Vienesse Blood)


In my 25 years of choreographing Wedding Routines, this remains the only true Strauss Viennese Waltz.  The reason is because this takes a lot to pull off, and the right two people.  The couple needs to have a great deal of Dance and even Performance Experience, the foresight to begin working on their Wedding Routine early, and the LOVE of Johann Strauss's gorgeous European Waltzes.  Michelle and Karsten were the perfect couple for all of this.  I would like to tell you their story, for it is special.

I met Michelle in the early 90's when I taught Ballroom Dancing at Rutgers University.  After she graduated, she began attending my general public classes, and  one day, I saw her waiting for an "aquaintance" she met at a local Swing Dance.  That person was Karsten.

Karsten was from Germany and happy to find a social outlet here in the States.  Although just "friends" at the time, the very first night they attended my class, the chemistry  was so strong.  I remember watching them walk out to the parking lot after class, and remarking to Carolyn -  Well there's a perfect match.  I wonder how long before the Wedding."  A true "fait accompli"  this union was meant to be.

But before the Wedding, they got involved with the Brandis Dance Theatre Performing Arts Club between 1998 and 2001.  Among other things, they performed Argentine Tango, a wild QuickStep/Swing routine, and  a Holiday Viennese Waltz.   Karsten, would later tell me that he always dreamed of dancing a Strauss Waltz for his Wedding someday.  I wasn't surprised when he and Michelle became engaged and we worked on their beautiful Wedding routine.

Because a Viennese Waltz moves so quickly, it is difficult for even the best photographers to get a good action shot, and the following photos don't do it any justice.  Karsten has promised me to send some video very soon, so you can really see this lovely dance!

Karsten and Michelle moved to California soon after their beautiful Connecticut Wedding in Autumn.  We lost contact for awhile, but this project has reunited us via e-amil.  I cannot wait to show you this dance as it turns and swirls and moves quickly across the floor, to the most exquisite music!