Danielle & Mike
September 2009

"You are the Best Thing"
by Ray LaMontagne
Uptempo Ballad with a Motown Groove


"As neither of us had any previous dance experience, we went into this hoping to learn just enough to not make a fool of ourselves for our first dance.  A friend referred us to Brandis and she was wonderful from day one.  She surpassed our expectations by teaching us a custom dance that was impressive yet simple enough for us beginners to handle.  She was very patient and was willing to spend the time we needed to master the steps.  We had a great experience, met some wonderful people in the process, and pulled off a great first dance that our friends and family still talk   about today."      - Danielle & Mike

From Brandis:

Kathy & Pat (our 6th couple in this photo album) recommended that Danielle and Mike take our Wedding Dance Workshop, and they came in with a fabulous song.  It was fun and upbeat, and it had this great horn section that brought in a motown sound.  Even when a couple is new to dancing, a great choice of music like this can lift the mood and the confidence level considerably, and bring out fun personalities.  We were able to put in some fun and up-beat touches that went really well with the music and with this couple. Danielle and Mike may have come in to class a little nervous, but they were laughing and enjoying themselves quickly.  They met some great friends, and they inspired another Wedding Couple to choose the same music for their first dance (and we hope to showcase them here very soon.)

I wish you both love and laughter, and a little dancing too, in your happy life together.  - Brandis & Jorge