Lisa and Jarrett
October 2009

3 Different Outfits & 2 Seperate Dances!
Showcasing a "Dirty Dancing" Theme!
What a Wedding!
 At the Reception, Lisa and Jarrett first honored Lisa's  Chinese culture with a Tea Ceremony, Lion Dancers, and passionate Red colors.  Afterwards, Lisa returned to her American Ceremony's beautiful White Wedding Gown for their first dance, which was Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes" from the Dirty Dancing movie.  We worked out an Uptempo Ballad for this fun 1st Wedding Dance...

Then at the end of the night, Lisa surprised her guests by appearing in a 3rd outfit, and then she and Jarrett performed the classic finale from the movie,  "I Had the Time of My Life"
 We performed this as a Sexy Salsa - with a few of the same moves from Patrick and Jennifer, and many of our own moves. 


"Our wedding was great. We had so much fun and our first dance plus last dance went really well. Thank you so much for spending time with us and choreographing our moves.

I think some of our guests were disappointed we didn't do a lift at the end, like the movie, but we didn't want any casualties that night!"     Lisa & Jarrett


From Brandis:

We only had two months to work on TWO dances before their Wedding, and Lisa and Jarrett had no previous dance experience whatsoever.  Still, they rose to the challenge and came in twice a week every week, and we put together two wonderful and very different dances.   (I am hoping to get some video clips of this soon!)  They also win the prize for packing in the most  entertainment for their guests.  Thank goodness they are young and full of energy.  Bravo!    

Congratulations as you enjoy your first Anniversary this October.  May you always enjoy a life full of fun surprises and quick changes!       -  Brandis & Jorge