Kim & Jack
 July 2010

"Everything" by Michael Buble
EMixed Rhythm  Ballad / Rumba / Swing


"The Dance was a hit!  My mother said it looked like we were floating on air.  Not only did we have fun learning and practicing, we had confidence and personality on the dance floor.  People are STILL talking about it!  That night, the band played our song two more times, and our guests kept goading us on to dance it again, especially the fun toss-across dance moves and the "kiss" which we nailed perfectly. "        - Kim & Jack

From Brandis
Kim & Jack are quite possibly the most enthusiastic post wedding dance couple we have ever had.  They absolutely have the record of the quickest dance photos and comments to ever reach us.  (Just 1 calendar month after their Wedding Date.) The above dance photos were taken by guests, they haven't even seen the photographer's pro-shots yet, but they are so excited that we are displaying these now, and we will update when the pro-shots come in.

"The Kiss" which they are referring to is something we choreographed into their dance at the exact moment that Michael Buble sang "And I get to kiss you baby just because I can", and it wasn't just a kiss, it was also in the middle of a romantic over-sway (type of a dip).  So, yes they did nail down that moment perfectly, - and don't they look Hollywood Glamorous?  Jorge and I give Kim and Jack an enthusiastic thumbs up, and we look forward to seeing the video, and having Kim and Jack continue dancing with us into the Happily-Ever-After part of their future!  Good Luck to you both!"
        Brandis & Jorge