Joyce and Paul
October 1996

"Their Hearts are Dancing"
by the Forrester Sisters
Country Waltz

"When we discovered Brandis we had had a little  ballroom dance experience and had been enjoying Country dancing for about two years. We were able to navigate across the dance floor without bumping into other dancers or stepping on each other’s toes.  With Brandis’ patience and instruction we were able to learn more dance moves and put some polish into our dancing.  Whether we were struggling with framing, footwork or leading & following, Brandis expertly zeroed in on where we needed help and showed us how to accomplish what we were trying to achieve.   

    Early in 1996 we asked Brandis to choreograph a dance for our October wedding.  We favor country music and waltzes and so we selected “Their Hearts are Dancing” by the Forester Sisters as our wedding song.  Brandis met the challenge of choreographing a beautiful waltz that blended well with the country theme of our wedding reception and that also had the classic moves of a ballroom waltz.

   Whether learning a new dance, a new step or our wedding waltz, we practiced every evening.  Even with a very busy and hectic lifestyle we made a point to run thru our new dance moves every evening, even if only for 5-10 minutes.  This helped keep everything fresh in our minds.  As the steps in our wedding waltz increased, and we ran out of space in our home to practice, we would practice in the parking lot in front of our townhouse.  There were many times we would notice neighbors peeking between their window blinds and watch as we practiced!  The end result was a well executed, beautiful waltz that our friends and family still compliment us on 14 years later.  Thanks, Brandis, for a lovely dance and a beautiful memory!  We are still dancing and our hearts are still dancing too!


PS:  Till this day Joyce always smiles as she mentally repeat, “Your toes goes where your nose goes” as we glide along the dance floor."


From Brandis:

"Your Toes goes where your Nose goes" is something my Ballroom Students hear many times as they learn to navigate and keep their dance frames.  Nice to hear my instruction has stood the test of time!  One thing I'd like to say about this particular dance is that we did blend the Country Waltz style with the Ballroom Waltz style to achieve a very unique dance that went beautifully with their theme and their Wedding attire.

Shortly after their Wedding, Paul and Joyce moved to Texas.  A few years ago, they sold their home, put all their stuff in storage (including most of their Wedding Pictures)  and now they are vagabonds driving around the country.  They probably won't get back to that storage room for a couple of years!  So they took out the only Wedding photos they had in a frame and their wallets, and they scanned them into their computer and sent them on over to me - just so they could be part of our Wedding photo montage!

  I am so grateful for their contribution, as their Wedding Dance was unique, and they did practice the way I'd like all my Wedding Couples to practice.  They also started early enough so we could include beautiful moves into their routine, and polish their technique up as well.  We hope to include some of the dance photos someday soon, and if there is a video in that storage room, this is a dance I would like to include someday soon. 

To Paul and Joyce - Thank you so much for your contribution to our Wedding Montage!  Enjoy your well deserved vagabond lifestyle, and we hope in your travels you will motor east one of these days and visit us real soon!  All the very, very best from 2 folks who really really miss you!     -  Brandis & Jorge