Lisa & Joe
December 2009

"You are the Best Thing"
by Ray LaMontagne

Uptempo Ballad with a Motown Groove


"The relaxed style of Brandis and Jorge helped us learn how to dance, and enjoy the process.  We were extremely pleased with the first dance Brandis choreographed for us.  She included all the dance elements we were familiar with into a smooth flowing routine we were comfortable showcasing in public.  Most impressive was Brandis ability to include dance moves that would compensate for a large wedding dress, despite her never actually seeing the dress in person.  Our dance was performed for the first time with the wedding dress on our wedding day and every move accommodated it perfectly.  We were so very pleased with Brandis and Jorge for both their teaching style and their vast dance knowledge that we continue to take dance lessons from them."     


From Brandis:
Lisa and Joe came in a good year before their Wedding to acquire a firm foundation of dance, and it really paid off.  They enjoyed group classes in many dance styles as well as some dance parties.  One day, they heard a song another Wedding Couple, Danielle and Mike, had chosen for their special day, and they were so inspired.  When it finally came time for getting serious, although they could have chosen a Waltz, Fox Trot or Rumba, they chose this interesting Motown-syle Ballad - and we spiced it up to include some cool moves they learned in other dances.  On the day of their Wedding, they aced this dance with style and grace.  From the first step to the final curtsy, and everything in between, Joe and Lisa were dancers and perfomers.   Bravo!

Lisa and Joe continue to enjoy our classes, and we are wondering if we can get them to do an encore... 


We wish you all the best, and a life filled with treasured moments and plenty of dancing!

Brandis & Jorge