Mother/Groom Dance
Henry & Mom (Carol) - Polka!

Carol was a student of mine for years, and enjoyed every form of social dancing, including the Polka.  She was the one who strongley recommended to Jenny & Henry that they learn their Wedding Dance from me.  Henry in turn took on the challenge of learning a fast moving Polka to dance with his mom, with lots and lots of turns and energy!  Ole!

As you can see, Henry realy got into in and hammed it up, especially at the end.  They really "Rolled out the Barrel, had a Barrel of Fun, and the dance was a showstopper.  Carol was delighted, and both she and Jenny e-mailed me right after the Wedding to tell me how well it worked out and what a joy it was.  It is so wonderful to have dancing in more than one generation of each family!