Jenny & Henry
August 2010

"Sea of Love" by The Honey Drippers
 Romantic Ballad

In an e-mail from Jenny and Henry right after their Reception...

"We did a great job and just had a blast...We wanted to thank you for all your help...Henry's Polka with his Mom was a hit!  We are just so full of Joy!  Love, Jenny and Henry"

It looks like Jenny & Henry are tied with Kim and Jack for the quickest photo and comment to reach us.  Here is a photo as they begin their dance:

  Aside from their Wedding Dance, I also helped Henry dance a special Polka with his Mom as their Mother/ Son Dance - see their photos on the next page!  It was Henry's mother, Carol, who attended my classes when she lived in NJ, and encouraged Jenny and Henry to take our Wedding Dance Workshop.  Now, I think they are hooked, and may begin their lives together with a regular tradition of keeping the romance alive with dancing together forever.  We look forward to seeing them in our classes and parties and helping them with their new tradition.


The Best of Luck to you Both,
Brandis & Jorge