Ruchita & Nirav
July 2010

"I Just Want to Spend My Life
 with You" - from Neal 'n' Nikki
Romantic Ballad

"We would like to thank you for all your help. Even though we didn't have enough time to practice you were able to teach us and put our dance together. We both appreciate the time and effort you put into our dance. Thanks so much!"

-Nirav & Ruchita

From Brandis:

Ruchita and Nirav came to our June Wedding Workshop with only 3 weeks left (and lots to do!) before their Wedding.  Even though we were not able to spend extra time, we were able to pull together a very nice short and sweet  routine.   They chose a song from the Bollywood movie, "Neal 'n' Nikki", a lovely duet which was perfect for a first dance.  We made a shorter version of the song, and even with the tight time frame, their dance came out quite lovely.  And what beautiful colors they wore!

   Jorge and I wish the two of you every good blessing in your lives, and perhaps we will see you at one of our General Classes or Parties one of these day soon.