Dainora & Anthony
August 2010

Disney Theme Wedding with a Special Disney Theme Medley

(Music Medley Created by Dainora,
choreography by Brandis,
performed by Dai & Anthony)

Perfect for a Fairy Tale Wedding

The Dance was a unique Mixed Medley of Disney Songs with an equaly unique Mixed Medley of Dances Including:
Ballad, Tango, Polka & Waltz

Dai and Anthony attended our Wedding Dance Workshop for simple Ballads, but they had something greater in mind.   With their Disney themed Wedding, and a sophisticated Medley created by Dainora, we put together a fabulous medley that went from dreamy romance to high energy polka, and thankfully they came in early enough for us to accomplish all of this.  Dainora has both a Dance and a Gymnastic background, and we were able to incorporate that all into their routine.  I am hoping to have a Video for this Dance soon because a verbal description just doesn't do this any justice. 


"Comments from Dai and Anthony Coming Soon"