Katie & Steve
August 2011

"You Are the Best Thing"
- Ray La Montagna

West Coast Swing

Katie and Steve attended our West Coast Swing Classes for a number of seasons before they became engaged, and once they began to plan their Wedding, they knew that the West Coast Swing would be their Wedding Dance.

They chose a song I have worked on before,
 Ray La Montagna's wonderful
"You are the Best Thing"
And although most couples work on an uptempo Ballad to this song, Katie and Steve chose to express this song as a
Very Blue-sy, very Romantic, West Coast Swing.

West Coast Swing
is a tricky dance, and a Wedding Gown makes it even more so.  Katie also couldn't display the signature Ladies footwork of the West Coast, so we had to make it up in other ways.  Still, the routine came out wonderful, especially about a third of the way in when Steve began to relax, and they wowed their audience.  To view the routine, click on