Jessica & Gil
June 2011

"I Can't Help Falling in Love with You"
- Andrea Bocelli

The Original Tune is an old Romantic French Waltz called "Plaisir D'Amour".
Jorge and I know this song well because it was our Wedding Waltz.

In the 50's, Elvis re-did the tune as a Ballad,
and renamed it
 "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You"
and that is the way most people remember this song.

Recently, Andrea Bucceli re-did the Elvis song,
but added a strong Triplet top rhythm over the Ballad, bringing out a little more of the original feel of a Waltz.

 I say all of this because when Jessica and Gil chose this version of the song, we had a decision to make right off the bat.  We would either express the music as a very slow Ballad, or express the Triplets and dance a modified Waltz.  This is a very Delicate thing to do.

Jessica and Gil went for the Waltz,
and they really rose to the occasion.  The Dance was so beautiful in fact, that Jorge and I chose to showcase this dance at a Wedding Conference in the Spring of 2011.

It was a pleasure working with Jessica and Gil, and now that they know they are dancers at heart, we are hoping that they will find some time to make dancing a part of their everyday lives.

From Gil and Jessica:
"When Jessica and I first met Brandis we knew from the start we were in good hands.  We had absolutely no dance experience and in fact we were rhythmically challenged. Brandis worked with us every step of the way and was extremely patient when we struggled. Our favorite part about working with Brandis was the relationship we developed with her. She quickly became a valued friend which was important during a stressful time, lessons became something we looked forward to as a time to have some fun bonding time.  Where Brandis really was a step above the rest, she was always thinking on how to improve the choreography. She was always creating and modifying the steps to make it suit our abilities while pushing us to strive for more.  In the end we felt so comfortable with the steps that it came very natural to us on our wedding day. Thank you Brandis for being a part of our special day."

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