Diane & Vince
February 2010

"Tu Amor me Hace Bien"
- Marc Anthony    Salsa

Diane and Vince came to our classes with the desire to dance a fabulous Salsa for their first dance at their Wedding in Puerto Rico.  Diane was a former Figure Skater, and Vince was talented - and very willing - as he travelled from Philadelphia to attend our classes.  We worked up a great routine, but opn the week of their Wedding, Mother Nature through a few curve balls their way.


Although beautiful in San Juan, the week of their Wedding featured a major snow storm here in the North East, and many of their guests could not make it.  Everything and everyone was late, including their DJ.  When it was finally time to dance their first dance, the DJ played the Ballad version of their song instead of the Salsa. 

But Diane and Vince were troupers.  They danced a nice slow song, and later on in the evening got down with their Salsa moves.

The most important things worked out for their Wedding.  Their close family was able to attend, and later that same year, they welcomed a beautiful baby daughter.  They are blessed and happy indeed.

Next time I am in Philly, I promise to look you up!