Grace & Ian
May 2011

"Concrete and Clay" - Unit 4 + 2
Pop Rock Alternative Music with
Soca / Samba / Baion Rhythmns

Grace and Ian came in with this great funky song and a lot of talent.  From the 1st cowbell to the acoustic guitar solo, this music is unique, lighthearted and fun - just like Grace and Ian.

 We put in Reggae / Soca Steps, Samba Combinations, and 60's Rock-n-Roll Twists.  We even added a touch of Charleston.  The music and the dance is unique indeed, and I hope we'll be able to see a video soon.  It was all great fun, and just perfect for Grace and Ian's personalities.  They were also  smart enough to begin lessons early enough to work on the entire song with lots of changes and fun combinations.   They also practiced and enjoyed performing - and that really makes a great difference. 

I wouild also enjoy seeing this dance performed again, as a Spotlight routine at a Dance Party.  Perhaps Grace and Ian may consider this as their 1st Anniversary comes around this Spring...hint...hint...