Cara & Stephen
May 2011

"Everything" - Michael Buble
Mixed Rhythm Rumba / Swing

Cara and Stephen chose one of the more popular Michael Buble songs for a Wedding, and for good reason.  The song is an interesting mixed rythmn of slower and then jazzier rhythms - similar to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, and great lyrics for a couple in love.  Here we danced Rumba on the verses and jumped up to a more lively Swing on the refrains and the instrumental pick-ups, and we created a wonderful and memorable routine.  We were able to get the best of both worlds - elegance and romance.

And Cara was a very elegant bride, as you can see with the over sway and kiss below.  It was a pure pleasure working with them both, and we wish you romance and fun in your life together !
Brandis & Jorge

Comments from Cara and Stephen Coming Soon.