Yarlin & Greg
July 1993

"Could I Have this Dance for the Rest of My Life"  by Anne Murray
American Slow Waltz

Yarlin & Greg are very important in my life, and as you can see we go back awhile.  Greg was a member of the Brandis Dance Theatre Performing Arts Troupe back in '91-'92, and so was another talented dancer by the name of Jorge.  At one of our performances, Jorge invited his sister, Yarlin to attend.  It was only a week or two after that Greg invited Yarlin to a Swing Dance social in the area.  At the moment I heard of the invitation, I knew that this Wedding was coming.  I refered to Greg as Jorge's brother since that day.  Jorge thought I was jumping to conclusions, but I knew...without a doubt...that this was meant to be.

For their first dance, I choreographed a beautiful Waltz just for them.  This was perfect, as Yarlin wore a vintage lace Wedding gown complete with gloves, the same gown that had also been worn by Greg's Mother. 

After their first dance, Yarlin changed into something more comfortable ... so they could dance the night away!  In the photo above, Greg and Yarlin are enjoying an unrehearsed show stopping Swing, the Dance Style that brought them together for their first date, and the Dance Style that remains their favorite to this day.


I happen to know that they drove off into the sunset, and have been living and dancing happily ever after.  I know this personally, you see the driver in the above photo is Yarlin's brother, Jorge, who made the initial introduction.  Jorge was my dance partner back then, still is, and much more than that.  You see, I liked this trio so much, I married into the group the next year.  See the next page...