My Grandparents
Circa 1927

These are my Grandparents on their Wedding Day, and they were "Vintage Dancers".  Dancing was a regular part of their lives, and they danced the very "Hot" dances of the 20's, 30's and 40's.  This included the Waltz, Minuet, Mazurka, Polka, Polonaise, Saunter, Charleston, Peabody, 10-Step, Castle Walk, Carioca,   and many  others. They were my first influence into social dancing, and I grew up believing that all courting, engaged and married couples danced together all the time.  Today I know that all happy couples do indeed dance and as often as possible!

Notice how the bridal train surounding her gown descends from the cap of her very 20's headpiece.  The dress itself is seperate, and a couple inches off the ground.  This made it easy for brides to remove their trains after the ceremony, and be free to dance the night away.  I have no doubt that they now enjoy plenty of dancing in Heaven - perhaps they dance every time someone looks at this photo and remembers them - so thanks for looking!