Are you Ready
to Captivate
your audiences
with some w

Smooth Moves?

 We start with a consultation and a review of the Music and You (and Your Group's)
 Natural Abilities and Experience,
and what you would like to achieve.

Although each Performer and Situation is Unique
Most can begin with a
Basic Choreography Package of 4 Sessions - $270

Sessions are 60 minutes each and includes Initial Choreography and Notations

Additional Sessions for the Same Project
can be added for $60 each

An Average Session can cover about
8-12 Lines of Original Choreography

A Line of Choreography is a Count of 8
(Or a Count of 6 if we are in 3/4 time)

Repeated Lines can quickly and easily add up. Simple Choreography with lots of repetition  
can go farther in the music per session.

More difficult choreography, and anything with props or partners, generally takes more time.

Schedule a consultation with me
and we can discuss all our options!

Contact me at :

Note: Routines & Choreography  that features mostly Couple Dancing should Click Here